Wealth Planning

Areas of Advice

Carnbrea Financial Planners are qualified and experienced to provide you with advice in many areas. Our strategies may cover the following:

The determination of appropriate investment structures for the prudent investment of funds taking into account taxation efficiencies, investment flexibility, asset protection and estate planning. This includes the role of trusts, companies and superannuation vehicles (including Self-Managed Super Funds);

In line with the Carnbrea philosophy, our preference is for direct style investments such Australian equities, income securities, property securities and other forms of direct investment. Where appropriate, we will use specialist managed funds and alternative non-traditional investments to compliment your portfolio. Asset Allocation is at the core of our investment advice;

Employ appropriate superannuation strategies to help create wealth in the superannuation environment tax effectively and at a more rapid rate. Consideration is given to ensuring the right superannuation structure is in place, as well as to contribution strategies, pension planning, investment selection and estate planning;

A significant number of our clients operate Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) or are working towards employing such a structure. We assess the suitability of such an investment vehicle for your needs and can advise accordingly. Additionally, we can also provide guidance around employing suitable SMSF strategies to optimise the use of such a structure;

Strategies to maximise wealth just prior to retirement, advising on the totality of your affairs to ensure holistic planning. The appropriate use of superannuation to effectively prepare for retirement, including the establishment of superannuation pensions to generate regular, tax effective income streams. Consideration of your estate planning arrangements is also crucial, to ensure assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in a tax effective and certain manner;

Appropriate structure of loan arrangements, and where applicable, the accelerated reduction of non-efficient debt such as home loans and personal loans. As a wealth creation strategy, we may employ the use of debt to acquire financial investments so as to accelerate the process of wealth building. This may be in the form of home equity loans or margin lending;

Implement the correct types and levels of personal insurance to provide financial assistance in the event of injury or death. The use of Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance is paramount to risk management. Using superannuation to own some of these insurances can be both tax and cash flow friendly, and this is explored in full;

Our Advice Strategy

Provision of high quality financial advice can only be achieved once a client’s personal financial situation is intricately understood, their goals are clearly identified and their investment experience is truly gauged. Engaging Carnbrea to provide financial advice entails the following:

The purpose of this in-depth conversation is to gather important information about you, your finances and your lifestyle objectives. This will help Carnbrea gain a true understand your situation in detail, but more importantly, gauge how we may be of assistance. Generally, this meeting takes 1 to 1.5 hours, and at the conclusion, your Carnbrea financial planner will be able to indicate what areas of advice we may be able to provide. The cost of this initial meeting is borne by Carnbrea;

After the initial meeting, your financial planner will prepare a formal quotation detailing the areas of advice we can assist with and our costs for doing so. Normally, a second meeting will be scheduled to present the quotation to ensure we have fully understood your requirements and you are comfortable with the advice to be provided.

(i.e. Financial Plan). Your Statement of Advice will contain the strategies and investment recommendations to assist you achieve your goals and objectives. A third meeting will be scheduled to present your Statement of Advice providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and/or seek clarification.

If required, refinements can be made to ensure you are comfortable with your tailored strategy and the recommended investments;

Only once you are completely satisfied we will begin implementing the strategies and investment recommendations we have agreed upon. We will implement on your behalf in a timely and professional manner, keeping you well informed at each stage of the process. Once all matters have been attended to, we will confirm with you that everything has been done to your satisfaction;

We will establish a regular Review Process to consistently review your strategies and investments on an ongoing basis. With time you will find that things change; your goals, your financial situation, the economic and legislative environment, investment markets and so on. Hence, an appropriate Review Process is critical to ensure you remain on track to achieve your objectives at all times. Formal Reviews may be on a half-yearly or yearly basis depending on the level of service you wish to adopt.

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