Investment Management

Carnbrea’s goal is to deliver comprehensive financial services and advice, all-encompassing in nature but tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.


We can provide you with access to all shares, LICs and ETFs listed on the ASX and offer personalised investment advice that is tailored to your investment style and risk preference.

Investment opportunities are available whether it be direct equities, managed funds, or via Exchange Traded Funds and LICs.

Our accredited advisers can advise and assist you with trading derivatives and structured products whether it is for income, portfolio protection or cash flow optimisation.

We can provide advice on fixed interest investments, hybrids and other convertible instruments. This could be for building income producing portfolios, asset diversification or portfolio optimisation.

As a Bennelong Wealth Partners boutique, Carnbrea & Co can offer its clients access to the Bennelong Wealth Partners Investment Platform.

The platform has been designed to enable clients to invest in an efficient and convenient manner and view and record all facets of their wealth, investments and financial position, irrespective of where they are held or managed, in one central location.

See Bennelong Wealth Partners Products & Services for more information.

International Desk

Carnbrea& Co 有限公司是一家服务于高净值个人,家庭或企业的综合家族办公室以及财富咨询精品公司。我们有专业的理财师团队和投资理念,在保证客户私密性的至高前提下,为您实现资产的保值升值。

Carnbrea于1968年成立并开始管理家族财富。2013年,Carnbrea加入了澳洲最大家族集团The Bangarra Group旗下的财富管理部门Bennelong Wealth Partners,自此开启了历史的新篇章。

一级市场买卖 澳洲及国际二级市场交易
全市场金融衍生品交易 基金管理
私募融资 投资建议及咨询(面向个人,家庭及企业)
投资组合构建与管理 资产配置与财务规划
保险和遗产规划 养老金管理(包括SMSF)
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