Carnbrea Asset Management We build unique investment solutions

The dedicated asset management business within Bennelong Wealth Partners.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

  • Investment Management
  • Advisory Services
    • Product Development
    • Strategic, Tactical and Dynamic Asset Allocation
    • Governance Framework and Charter
      Establishment (e.g. SPS 530)
    • Stress and Liquidity Testing
  • Investment Committee Governance and Establishment
  • Deal & Execution Team
  • Custom Projects
    • Advanced Modelling
    • Portfolio Insurance
    • Sector Reviews

Our Key Strengths

  • Client focused
  • Highly Tailored Outputs
  • Access to Best of Breed of product
  • Buy & Sell side Market and Investment experience
  • Multi Asset Classes

Case Examples

TYPE: Public Super Fund

SIZE: 430M


  • Asset Consulting
  • Investment Governance
  • Including Investment
    Committee Function

TYPE: Investment Fund and
Super Find

SIZE: Seed 30M


  • Product Creation
  • Third Party Investment

TYPE: Start-up Super

SIZE: Target 100M in 12 mos.


  • Corporate Advisor
  • Product Creation
  • Investment Manager

Our Team

Tailored. Institunional. Dedicated.